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Addiction Rehab Programs

At Addiction Rehab Nationwide Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehab our programs may be residential (Client lives on site during treatment) or outpatient. They all have these elements in common:

Initial Assessment

When a person is first admitted to our Alcohol Rehab or Drug Rehab program, he or she receives a thorough clinical assessment. The assessment is then used to help determine the best approach to treatment. It is also used to help develop the treatment plan.

During the initial assessment, our counselors will ask questions about:

  • The amount of alcohol the client drinks
  • How long the person has been using alcoholalcoholic and handcuffs
  • Cultural issues around the use of alcohol
  • The effect alcohol has had on the person’s life
  • Medical history
  • Current medical problems or needs
  • Medications being taken
  • Mental health or behavioral issues
  • Family and social issues and needs
  • Legal and financial issues the person is confronting
  • Educational background and needs
  • Current living situation
  • Home environment
  • Employment history, stability, problems, and needs
  • Previous experience with rehab or attempts to quit using alcohol

Why Addiction Rehab is Rated #1

  1. Our programs accepts private insurance, and if not, we will work out an affordable payment plan
  2. Addiction Rehab Nationwide program is run by trained professionals who are state-accredited and licensed
  3. Addiction Rehab Nationwide psychiatrists, Doctors and therapists are directly involved in patient care, and often during treatment our staff meet with all our Clients
  4. All our facilities are High End, clean, organized, and well-run
  5. Our programs cover the full range of individual needs from medical through vocational and legal
  6. Addiction Rehab Nationwide program address LGBT Alcohol Rehab LGBT Drug Rehab and disabilities and provide age, gender, and culturally appropriate treatment services
  7. At Addiction Rehab Nationwide long-term aftercare is encouraged, provided, and maintained
  8. Addiction Rehab Nationwide treatment plans are continuously assessed to ensure we meet our changing client needs
  9. Addiction Rehab Nationwide strategies engage and keep the individual in longer-term treatment, which increases the chance of success
  10. Addiction Rehab Nationwide counseling and other behavioral therapies enhance the ability to function in the family and community
  11. Addiction Rehab Nationwide does Constant medication evaluation i.e for mood disorders and nutrition vitamin therapy, if appropriate or part of the clients treatment plan
  12. Addiction Rehab Nationwide provides ongoing monitoring post rehab of possible relapse to help our client return to abstinence
  13. Addiction Rehab services include aftercare maintenance for family members to ensure they understand the process and support the individual in recovery

Follow-up and Aftercare Programs?

At Addiction Rehab Nationwide we emphasize that it’s important to consider someone who has had a problem with alcohol dependence and is now sober to always be in recovery — no alcohol treatment program can guarantee a person will not relapse and begin drinking again.

To help prevent relapse, our clients who have gone through treatment for alcoholism or Drugs will periodically meet with a counselor or a group. The purpose is to assess how well the person is managing and to offer help in dealing with the challenges of daily living without alcohol.

Addiction is a chronic disease. Like other chronic diseases, if left untreated can have serious, life-threatening consequences. Fortunately, Addiction Rehab Nationwide has effective treatment programs for Prescription Medication Addiction, Pain Management, Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Addiction. While details vary from program to program our Drug Medical Detox and Alcohol Rehab programs share certain essential components.

Alcohol Medical Detoxification

Alcohol Medical detox is an important preliminary step in the management of alcoholism. It is a medically supervised period of alcohol withdrawal. During this period, At Addiction Rehab Centers our nurses administer Taper medications to control withdrawal symptoms, and the individual is monitored by professionals to ensure his or her safety. In addition to medical care during withdrawal from alcohol, our clients also receive education about his or her alcohol problem and its treatment process.

Medical management of alcohol withdrawal for clients who are alcohol dependent is often necessary, because the symptoms of withdrawal can be dangerous.

They can include:

  • Sweats
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Tremors
  • Anxiety
  • Agitation
  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures

Not everyone has all these symptoms, and symptoms can range from mild to severe. Alcohol Medical detoxification at our centers take place in a comfortable luxury medical setting, a specialized medical detoxification. Detox, which may last a few days to more than a week, is an important and necessary preparation for treatment.

Addiction Rehab Nationwide Holistic Alcohol Rehab or Drug Medical Detox Program length.

These programs can last from 7 Days,A month to more than a year and take place in our residential environment. Often, the treatment is divided into a series of phases that our clients go through. The idea is to develop a client relationship with his or her Psychologist, Doctor and Therapist.