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Long Term Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Addiction Rehab Nationwide offers a long-term rehab programs designed to provide an extra level of care and treatment. Relapse is one of the most difficult stages of recovery, but is often preceded by a person not receiving the necessary extended level of care before being released from treatment. Our program gives patients as much time as they need to have a strong recovery.

The distractions of everyday life and old habits can very quickly derail patients’ recovery efforts and cause them to relapse. Many patients require more than the 30-day stay in a rehab facility. Long-term rehab provides patients with an opportunity to immerse themselves in their recovery and pursue mental health with direct focus and no outside interference. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches offers comprehensive Florida long-term rehab in which patients are given ample time to emotionally and physically heal and readjust to a life without drugs or alcohol.

Those who have not had success in more abbreviated programs and are looking to break the pattern of relapse and withdrawal once and for all will especially benefit from our long-term programs

The process allows for a total transformation in which patients:

  • Give their bodies the opportunity to revert back to normal function after expelling the toxins that have built up over the course of their addiction
  • Realign their perception of addiction and their toxic relationship with drugs and alcohol
  • Examine the causes of their initial substance abuse and work toward constructively managing stress and factors that may have contributed to their addictions
  • Develop new and healthier habits that will be a provide a solid foundation for post-treatment living, continued recovery, and positive interaction with their family and the rest of the world

Too many patients have felt the sting of a false start in their quest for recovery. Long-term rehab lays the groundwork for permanent healing through lifestyle change and behavioral modification.

Our Specialized Approach to Florida Long-Term Rehab

Above all, we realize that each patient heals differently and that recovery takes time. We’ve developed a personalized course of care for each patient that will focus on their specific needs, circumstances, and conditions. Our tailored approach to rehab combines individual and group counseling with a customized menu of specialized therapeutic activities, and allows patients to heal as individuals, not just addicts.

In addition to providing quality care using the 12-step process, part of our approach involves giving patients the time and support they need to make the significant life changes and re-learn the skills that will allow them to overcome their addictions and safely return to their lives.

An Ideal Location for Healing

Florida’s inviting climate and beautiful atmosphere have long made it a preferred destination for individuals looking to recover from drugs and alcohol. We’ve taken Florida long-term rehab a step further by building a treatment program unlike any other in the region. Our complete continuum of care ensures that patients always have an experienced and compassionate advocate on their journey of recovery, and a warm, relaxing, and safe environment during their healing process, no matter how long it may take.

Which is Best for Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehab: Short Term or Long Term Treatment?

When a family seeks addiction treatment, there are many choices that must be made. And unfortunately, there are few guides to direct those decisions. Families may make their best choices but the result of a drug rehab program may be relapse followed by another return to rehab.

Short term recovery programs normally last 28 to 30 days. For many people, the only benefit they offer is a month free from drug use. They often fit the parameters of health insurance policies but they fit the needs of very few addicts. When a person is not heavily addicted and when a break gives him or her a chance to step back from the addiction and regroup, then a short term program might help. But for most people, this is simply not enough time to recover from the assault addictive drugs make on the body and to restore the life skills that enable a person to stay drug-free after release.

Long term programs come in many forms, from non 12 step to a twelve step based program with simultaneous diagnosis of secondary mental conditions to a therapeutic community. Our long term drug rehabs can range from a few months to a year and a half or more for therapeutic communities.

So How Long is Long Enough?

According to the US National Institute on Drug Abuse, rehabilitation programs of at least 90 days or longer are needed to give an addicted person enough time to recover.

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Life Skills Steps: Life skills that are needed for each person to build a new sober life and repair the damage done to self esteem and relationships, and you have a person who knows how to stay sober. Learn how this unique drug treatment someone you love who is struggling with addiction.