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#1 Non 12 Step Recovery Program in The Nation

The 12 Step is a recognized approach in Alcohol and Drug Addiction treatment. It relies on peer support and group discussion as a means to help addicts process emotions, deal with triggers and recognize you are not alone. However, the model is not the only solution, so you shouldn’t feel discouraged if it doesn’t work for you hence Addiction Rehab Nationwide offers both 12 Step programs and Non 12 Step (smart recovery).

Some reasons why a 12-step model might not work for you include:

  • Your personality or issues outside of your addiction may make it difficult for you to take part in a group environment.
  • Group in your area do not meet at a schedule that is compatible with your work, education or family life.
  • There are no 12-step support programs in your area.

No matter what the reason may be, if the 12 Step method isn’t working for you or what you want, other options are available. For more information about our non-12 step treatment options in your area, call our confidential helpline at 844 279 7170

SMART Recovery At Addiction Rehab Nationwide

SMART Recovery is the leading alternative to the 12 steps in alcohol and drug rehab. Clients learn tools for addiction recovery based on the latest scientific research. The SMART Recovery Program helps people recover from all types of addiction and addictive behaviors, including: drug abuse, drug addiction, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, gambling addiction, cocaine addiction, prescription medication abuse, sex addiction, and addiction to other substances and activities.. If you would like to more on SMART Recovery Call our Counselors 24 Hrs Toll Free at 844 279 7170 We Provide the Resources to Assist YouNon 12 Step Addiction Treatment Centers

When pursuing rehab for a substance abuse problem, most individuals need a structured program of some sort to achieve success. However, 12 Step Addiction Treatment may not be the best model for everyone who needs rehabilitation. Some individuals are in need of dual diagnosis treatment, others need a flexible approach the rehabilitation, and still others need a completely individualized treatment model.

There are many benefits to evaluating Non 12 Step Addiction Treatment Centers, including the following:

Modern Scientific Research at Non 12 Step Addiction Treatment Centers

Unfortunately, some models of rehabilitation choose their structure simply because it has worked in the past. Non 12 Step rehabilitation centers typically base their program model on the most modern scientific research available. These centers are well aware of current information about dual diagnosis treatment, the mechanics of how substances work within the brain, and modern psychological research as it relates to substance abuse. This up-to-the-minute information can make these treatment centers an excellent option for many individuals. Individuals who have attempted to follow a program based on outdated science or methods that are non-scientific may find a scientifically based treatment model a welcome change.

Individually Designed Programs at Non 12 Step Rehabs

It’s common for individuals who relapse to be informed that they just need to do a better job of “working the program”. Their friends, peer group, or members of their 12 Step group may mean well, but inadvertently make the treatment process even more difficult. Individuals who have a dual diagnosis, no support network, or another circumstance that is complicating their recovery may do well with an individually designed program. These programs begin with a full psychological workup and are then tailored to work with an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. This can make it easier to achieve sobriety, as the rehabilitation program itself is designed to cater to one’s strong points and avoid weak areas. Instead of relying on willpower, the program helps individuals learn to rely on a support team, medical intervention, and new coping skills that they learn during treatment.

Psychiatric Treatment as Necessary

Many individuals who suffer from addiction originally began using drugs or alcohol as a way to self medicate the symptoms of mental illness. Diseases such as depression or anxiety can wreak havoc on a person’s life, leading them to seek solace in substance abuse. Unfortunately, drugs and alcohol can worsen the symptoms of many psychological disorders.

Individuals who are coping with mental health issues as well as substance abuse issues may find that a non 12 step program works well for them. Dual diagnosis programs can help these individuals learn about the psychiatric issues they’re struggling with while also seeking treatment for their addiction. A professional team can work with the individual to help them determine which of their symptoms are caused by their mental illness and which are caused by their addiction, then treat each symptom individually as appropriate.

Non 12-Step Rehabs & Evidence Based Treatment

Evidence based treatment is one of the cornerstones of non 12 Step addiction treatment centers. The professionals at these centers will work with a patient to learn about what has worked — as well as what hasn’t workedn — in the past. These professionals will take a thorough case history before beginning treatment, then use the personal history and evidence that they’ve gathered as they begin to design a customized treatment program. This system helps to eliminate unnecessary repetition and can help an individual feel as though they’re truly making progress toward sobriety for the first time.

Non 12-Step Program Designs

Often, individuals can be turned off by the rigid design of the 12 Step program. While this design can be adapted to various types of addictions, it always follows the same basic structure. If an individual has attempted to work their way through the program one or more times without noticeable success, the idea of attempting to follow the rigid steps may not be appealing. In these instances, a less rigid program design may be an advantage. A program that is designed with a bit of flexibility allows for personal interactions and insights and may be far more appealing to individuals that are struggling to fight an addiction.

Individuals who have attempted rehabilitation with little success may find that they work well within a non 12 Step model. Whether they need a customized approach, a medical based approach, or a dual diagnosis center, these individuals often find the success they’ve been seeking once they explore alternative treatment methods.

If you’ve been working towards sobriety but haven’t experienced the success you’ve been seeking, it may be time to try a different approach. Consider a Addiction Rehab Nationwide non 12 Step Treatment Program as an alternative to the methods you’ve been attempting. You may be pleasantly surprised by the success you’re able to achieve. Contact us today to learn more about the programs we offer.