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Heroin Medical Detox and Rehab

Our Holistic Heroin Rehab increases retention in treatment programs and decreases chances of relapse, infectious disease transmission, and criminal activity.

When people addicted to Heroin first quit, they undergo withdrawal symptoms (pain, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting), which may be severe. Medications administered at Addiction Rehab Nationwide can be helpful in this detoxification stage to ease craving and other physical symptoms, which often prompt a person to relapse.

While not a treatment for addiction itself, medical detox is a useful first step when it is followed by our evidence-based treatment.

Medications developed to treat Heroin addiction work through the same receptors as the addictive drug itself, but are safer and less likely to produce the harmful behaviors that characterize addiction.

Three types of medications include:

  1. agonists, which activate heroin receptors
  2. partial agonists, which also activate Heroin receptors but produce a smaller response
  3. antagonists, which block Heroin receptor and interfere with the rewarding effects of Heroin

    Heroin Detox at Our Medical Detox Center

    • A heroin detox plan individually designed for you   Heroin in spoon pic
    • Medical supervision 24 hours a day, seven days a week during your drug detox
    • A spa-like environment
    • A private or comfortable shared room
    • No restrictions on cellphone usage or internet access
    • Vitamin IV’s that hydrate you and replace necessary and vital nutrients, amino acids and minerals
    • Medications as needed
    • Natural herbs and supplements
    • Nutritious food