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Methadone Medical Detox

Clients come to Addiction Rehab Nationwide after a Methadone program for Heroin addiction somewhere else, because they are now hooked on Methadone. This is clearly a cruel irony, especially if the Methadone treatment was intended for a patient to reduce his/her heroin use.
While Methadone May allow few patients to slow their Heroin or Oxycontin use, the success rate is almost non-existent because patients are not really drug free. Methadone patients are still dependent on a strong mood altering drug and so they continue to have strong cravings. What is worse is that Methadone is much harder to detoxify off of than Heroin or Oxycontin.

A very slow taper off Methadone produces very uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. This drives patients to use drugs during the tapering period in order to relieve the discomfort. Many clinics and their patients give up and elect to stay on Methadone Maintenance. But this is not a good solution since Methadone Maintenance doesn’t usually stop other drug use, and it is much harder to detoxify oneself off Methadone than any Other opiate. This reality has led Addiction Rehab Nationwide to modify our highly successful Methadone Medical Detox program to help Methadone users to completely detoxify in a Medically Supervised Environment to help them stay clean.Methadone pillspg

Patients addicted to Methadone are eligible for an extended form of our Methadone Medical Detox program. To be eligible for this treatment, patients will need to be in good general health, willing to attend our inpatient medical detox and agree to be fully supervised by our staff during the treatment program until the Therapy has begun.