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At Pax House you can feel comfortable knowing you are recovering in a serene and peaceful environment. Our residential setting allows for clients to enjoy a homelike atmosphere while working on their recovery. Client’s enjoy comfortable beds, flat screen TVs, streaming services, on-site laundry services, and other amenities that support a healing environment and encourage recovery.

Ready to Quit Abusing Alcohol? Contact Our Pasadena Alcohol Rehab Program
Although it may seem impossible, recovery from alcohol addiction is real. Attending an alcohol addiction treatment program can help you increase your success greatly. The treatment program at Pax House, near the foothills of San Gabriel mountains close to Pasadena, CA, will help you begin your journey of recovering from alcoholism. If you or your loved one is ready to take the first step and escape addiction for good, call us today and speak to one of our caring treatment team today.

Our Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Program in Pasadena Can Help
Group therapy is another key element in recovery that can be important for patients with a dual diagnosis. People suffering from addiction may struggle with their interpersonal skills and psychological conditions can also interfere with healthy social relationships. Regular sessions of group therapy can be helpful in allowing patients to share their feelings with peers in a safe environment and improve their ability to relate to others. Coping with a dual disorder is a challenge full of unique obstacles which can only be overcome through the appropriate treatment program. Pax House offers rehab options for dual diagnosis that are effective at helping patients manage both issues simultaneously. A psychological condition can be a major risk for relapse if it is not treated in connection with the addiction. Integrated treatment for dual diagnosis can yield better results as patients receive the support and individual attention that they need to recover.

Why Choose Residential Treatment?
Residential treatment provides intensive treatment for substance abuse and addiction with 24-hour monitoring and care. The Pax House Program is highly structured. Recovering addicts follow a regular schedule and learn the positive benefits of routine in sobriety. The treatment is intensive, and their days are filled with individual and group counseling, education groups, therapeutic activities, and daily 12-step meetings. Our facilities are entirely drug and alcohol free to ensure clients remain sober during the most challenging stages of early recovery. By leaving home and taking the time to enroll in residential treatment, a person has the time to really focus on their problem away from the triggers, and stressors of old environments that contributed to their addiction formation. Immersed in a new setting, they can stop their abuse of the substance, and learn how to be sober and remain sober. At Pax House, we offer 30, 60, and 90-day treatment options. The length of stay is dependent upon the client and the situation.

What is included with a Residential Inpatient Program?
PaxHouse Residential Counseling Services

Counseling Services
The Pax House Program is individualized to each client’s needs, but the main treatment components remain the same. The first step in our program, if necessary, is detox. The foundation of the program is the individual counseling sessions. During an initial session with the counselor, the client and counselor will formulate an individualized treatment program that addresses the client’s particular needs. During treatment, the client will meet with their counselor on a weekly basis to discuss issues that have arisen during treatment, as well as to process specific assignments.

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